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Chemical name 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol
CAS Number 124-68-5
Molecular structure  AMP
Product form Colorless transparent liquid or white crystal
Purity(%) 93.00-97.00
Moisture(%) 4.80-5.80
Chemical property Melting Point °c 30-31℃
Boiling Point 165℃:67.4(0.133kPa)
Relative Density 0.934(20/20℃)
Refractive index 1.449(20℃)
Miscible with water and soluble in alcohol
Application ①In the field of metal processing, it is mainly used as a biostable and pH     stabilizer. This product is widely used in concentrate and post-treatment of
metalworking fluids in Europe and the United States, and is the main raw
material for the development of biostable formulations. It is used in on-site dosing to increase and stabilize pH value, saving and extending the life of metalworking fluids. The product also has the advantages of anti-cobalt precipitation and low foaming.
②For the synthesis of surfactants; vulcanization accelerators; Acid gas absorber.
③Derivatives are formed with carboxylic acids for gas chromatography analysis.
④Additives for paints and latex paints, pigment dispersion, pH adjustment and rust prevention.
Pakcage 25kg drum/200kg drum

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