General coating additives

  • YIHOO General coating additives

    YIHOO General coating additives

    Under special circumstances, coatings and paints such as outdoor paint, paint, car paint, would accelerate aging procedure, after long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation, light aging, thermal oxygen.

    The most effective way to improve the coating’s weather resistance level is to add antioxidant and light stabilizer, which can effectively inhibit the free radicals oxidation in plastic resin, decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, and capture free radicals, in order to provide long-lasting protection for plastic resin, and greatly delay the loss of gloss, yellowing and pulverization of coating.



    YIHOO AMP Chemical name 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol CAS Number 124-68-5 Molecular structure   Product form Colorless transparent liquid or white crystal Specifications TEST SPECIFICATION Purity(%) 93.00-97.00 Moisture(%) 4.80-5.80 Chemical property Melting Point °c 30-31℃ Boiling Point 165℃:67.4(0.133kPa) Relative Density 0.934(20/20℃) Refractive index 1.449(20℃) Miscible with water and soluble in alcohol Application ①In the fie...