YIHOO UV571 is 100% equivalent product of that from leading companies, with stable quality and light color.  Compared with ordinary goods, the color of the product only has slight difference within six months.
UV571 is a light yellow viscous liquid, mainly absorbing 300nm-350nm spectrum. According to the actual application experiences, YIHOO UV571 has been used in the fields like PU soft foaming, PU coating and coatings overcome anti-aging problems. It has been approved that YIHOO UV571 can be the best substitute for the produce from the leading companies.  The absorption spectra of UV571 is as follow:


From its main performance, UV 571 is suitable for:
1.Thermoplastic polyurethane, coating and self-peeling foam, rigid soft PVC, PVB, PMMA, PVDC, EVOH, thermocuring unsaturated polyester and PA, PET, PUR, PP spinning finish.  It’s also suitable for latex, paraffin, adhesive, homopolymer/copolymer styrene, elastomer and polyolefin.
2.Easy to dissolve in a variety of solvents, monomers and intermediates, easy to emulsify in water-based adhesive;  It can also be used for polymerization and PVC sheet.
3.UV571 has good compatibility with most materials, and its volatility is low in high temperature, meanwhile it has a strong uv absorption capacity, therefore making UV571 an excellent protection effect to base materials.
4.Can be used with other additives, such as phenolic antioxidants, auxiliary antioxidants (e.g., sulfide, phosphite), HALS light stabilizers (eg. LS292 and AN1135) to achieve better synergistic effect.
The added ratio of UV571, depending on the type of base materials and the performance requirements of the final product, is between 0.2% and 5.0% :
For PU, according to the processing conditions and long-term light stability requirements, UV571 can be added between 0.2% and 0.5%;
For PVC, UV571 can be added between 0.3% and 0.5%.  The added ratio for co-extruded PVC can be increased to 5%.

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