YIHOO LS519-Excellend Nylon Stabilizer

Yihoo LS519 is the 100% counter-type of Nylostab Seed.
LS519 is a novel multifunctional nylon additive which combines several beneficial properties in one molecule.  Due to its unique molecular structure, LS519 can withstand the reducing environment of nylon melting process and act as melt stabilizer and processing modifier.  This effect has been proved by the high stability of nylon melt pressure, resulting in high quality nylon injection molding and extrusion products, and low breakage rate during fiber spinning.  
LS519 is a kind of white crystalline powder, which can be suitable for nylon multifunctional stabilizer.  It’s a unique, custom-made multifunctional auxiliary compatible with nylon through ‘molecular recognition’ and/or cross-chain amidation.
Secondly, LS519 improves the processing process of nylon melting.  It can stabilize nylon melting pressure, smooth processing process,and reduce broken thread in fiber spinning procedure.  
Thirdly, LS519 can help increase long-term thermal stability and photostability.  Highly compatible with nylon and bonded with nylon molecules, the stability of nylon beyond the limits of traditional light stabilizers. The combination of LS519 and acetanilide UV-absorber can significantly improve the light stability.
Fourthly, LS519 can enhance dyeing performance.  Due to its basic group and its secondary effects, LS519 can enhance the affinity between metal dyes and acid dyes, making them stable, economical, ecologically compatible and deep dyeing.
Finally, it’s easy to operate.  LS519 is supplied in crystal form and added in traditional feeding and metering mode during melt processing or polymerization, so it’s easy to operate.
It is recommended to store the product in a cool and dry airtight container.  This product should be handled with care in accordance with usual industrial practice.  Avoid forming unnecessary dust and direct contact with skin, eyes and clothing.  Ensure good ventilation, and keep away from fire.

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Post time: Oct-27-2021