New Website Launched!

Under the joint efforts of all sides, after two months of repeated deliberation, the new website of Yihoo Polymer Technology has been successfully launched!
The new website gives more prominence to the company’s one-stop service platform function under the segmentation industry, focusing on PA, PU/TPU, PVC, PC and other terminal applications, providing comprehensive product support from the aspects of UV absorbent, antioxidant and flame retardant.
You are welcome to browse the new website @

To provide polymer additives in more specific applications, the company has established a product series covering below applications: PA polymerization & modification additives, PU foaming additives, PVC polymerization & modification additives, PC additives, TPU elastomer additives, low VOC automotive trim additives textile finishing agent additives, coating additives, cosmetics additives, API and other chemical products like zeolite etc..
Relying on the strong R&D capability, the company could also offer customized products/service to those who request. Either package product or modification of molecular could be negotiated.

Upholding by the higher demand on the performance of new materials, the company insists the philosophy of ‘appreciation, responsibility’ to work with every customer and to treat every deal, providing the the customers both best qualified products and sincere service.

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Post time: Sep-13-2021