Low VOC Automotive Trim Flame Retardant- Yihoo FR950

In recent years, with the implementation of in-car air quality regulations, in-car control quality and VOC(volatile Organic Compounds) level have become an important part of automobile quality inspection.  VOC is the command of organic compounds, mainly refers to the vehicle cabin and baggage cabin parts or materials of organic compounds, mainly including benzene series, aldehydes and ketones and undecane, butyl acetate, phthalates and so on.
When the concentration of VOC in the vehicle reaches a certain level, it will cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting and fatigue, and even cause convulsions and coma in serious cases. It will damage the liver, kidney, brain and nervous system, resulting in memory loss and other serious consequences, which is a threat to human health.

The additives offered by the company, which are applicable in automotive trim especially in car seats, have been approved to be effective in anti-yellowing and anti-UV, as well as to lower down the VOC release. These additives have been adapted by many famous automotive enterprises in and abroad.

Yihoo FR950 is a kind of chlorinated phosphate ester flame retardant, especially suitable for flame retardant PU foam.
It can helps to pass California 117 standard, FMVSS302 standard of automobile sponge, British standard 5852 Crib 5 and other flame retardant test standards.  FR950 is the ideal flame retardant to replace TDCPP (carcinogenicity) and V-6 (containing carcinogen TCEP).

We have finished a test with the foaming with and without FR950 (performed by SGS):

Total carbon release (total VOC release)
Test method: Refer to PV3341 standard. Headspace gas chromatograph hydrogen flame ionization detector was used for analysis.
TOTAL VOC ug C/g 10 14 64

Note: 001=without FR950; 002= with FR950
Conclusion: After adding FR950, VOC emission of the product is obviously controlled.

Yihoo FR950 has been adapted by several mainstream automotive makers.

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Post time: Sep-13-2021