Excellent Asymmetric Phenolic Antioxidant-An245 & An245dw

The hindered phenols with a tert-butyl (X = tert-butyl) and a methyl (R = methyl CH3) at the o-position of the hindered phenolic hydroxyl group can weaken the steric hindrance of the hindered phenolic hydroxyl group to some degree, and accelerate the rate of antioxidant reaction, thus making the new structure of antioxidant play an unexpected effect.  This new structure of hindered phenols antioxidant is called asymmetric hindered phenols antioxidant.  

An asymmetric hindered phenolic structure with a tert-butyl group and a methyl group at the hydroxyl ortho-position is sufficient to protect itself.  The asymmetric hindered phenolic antioxidant, with 2 – methyl – 6 – tertiary butyl phenol as the skeleton, not only has the general characteristics of hindered phenolic antioxidants, but also coordinate with auxiliary antioxidant stability and resistance to shading effect. So it has more evident performance than the traditional symmetrical type of hindered phenol, and is suitable for the thermal oxidation applications.  

AN245, AN1790 (as well as AN2777) and AO80 are the three most common asymmetric hindered phenols antioxidants, among which AN245 is the most widely used with low price.  

AN 245 is especially suitable for stereoobstructing phenolic antioxidants of organic polymers. As an antioxidant, it is used in the processing and long-term thermal stability improvement of styrene polymers such as HIPS, MBS and ABS, engineering plastics such as POM and PA and polyurethane. It is also an effective chain terminator in PVC polymerization process. This product has no effect on polymer reaction, used for high impact polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, can be added to the monomer before polymerization.

In addition to the supply situation of ordinary powder, we can provide 35% content of dispersion-AN245DW. After many years of production experience, the dispersion liquid produced and supplied by our company is not easy to stratify, and is easier to disperse than powder, which is the main antioxidant used in PVC polymerization process.

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Post time: Sep-13-2021