In 2019, the global 5G construction boom has led to the launch of foldable mobile phones by major global manufacturers. 5G and foldable mobile phones have brought more stringent performance requirements and huge market increases to the flexible transparent polyimide film (PI film) industry.

PI (polyimide) is a kind of polymer containing imide ring on the main chain, among which the polymer containing phthalimide structure is particularly important.


For polyimide film (PI) material, the film has good light transmittance: more than 90% light  transmittance @500nm with thickness of 25 micron;  the film also has good heat resistance: the coating process temperature of ITO and amorphous silicon is at 200℃, while the glass transition temperature of the PI film is above 250℃ with sufficient mechanical strength;  The surface of the thin film is smooth, without pinholes, which can prevent the circuit breaker or short circuit of the thin film battery and meet the necessary conditions of polymer film as the substrate of flexible flat panel display and solar cell.

Foldable mobile phones mainly use OLED technology. In the production and manufacturing process of OLED, due to the need to sputtering electrode or TFT material on the flexible substrate, the substrate is generally high temperature resistant polymer, and the most commonly used is high temperature resistant polyimide (PI) film.  Foldable mobile phones need materials to meet tens of thousands of bending requirements, while traditional glass is not competent. Among them, transparent PI is an ideal solution for foldable mobile phone cover plate. Therefore, PI film will welcome more application scenarios, such as aviation, aerospace, microelectronics, nano, liquid crystal, separation film, laser and other fields.

Our company developed and produced the main raw materials for PI film- hexafluoradianhydride (6FDA, CAS=1107-00-2) and 2, 2-bis (3, 4-dimethylphenyl) hexafluoropropane (6FXY, CAS=65294-20-4). The PI films are mainly imporoted to China because 6FDA is too complex to get synthesized. But we have succeeded to promote our products the overseas market and received good reputation.

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